I think I love you. Maybe I love the way you don’t say nothing, or the way you have fear. At least that’s what I wanna think. I don’t know why is always this hard to me, but it doesn’t matters. All I know is I love you. Love the way you smile, you cry and you laugh. I love you in all the colours and shapes, from black to white, you make me mad. I love the way you walk, the way you dress, the colour of your hair, of your eyes and lips. I love your thoughts, I love the hard you make the things, like being a sado. I love the way I love you, because I know that some day I could try to fix you. I love how you speak, how you breath, how you are supposed to taste. I miss your hands and your lips, your eyes on me.

And also I love the way I’m invisible to you.

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